Annual Report 2022-23

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Annual Report 2023

It is always a pleasure to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of DMIRS staff. 

Together we have progressed and achieved many goals for a busy 2022–23 and I continue to be proud of the work we are doing to bring positive outcomes for the State and the people in the community. 

This years’ report focuses on our strength in collaboration with stakeholders, other agencies as well as looking within and the joint efforts between Groups. Detailed in this report are some of the many successes and achievements we have had over the year. Further, we are continuing to refine our structure and improve capability to use our resources efficiently. 

I would like to acknowledge our many partners and stakeholders across Western Australia who have assisted us in both our change processes and ongoing programs.

I encourage you to read our report and learn more about the wide variety of work we do across the department.

Richard Sellers
Director General

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